Dudson - Precision Noir Flat Tallrik, 29.7cm ø (15.2cm matyta)

199 kr 399 kr
With its dramatic matt black decoration, the flat profile of ‘NOIR’ from Dudson is particularly eye-catching when used on its own for signature dishes, or can be combined with ‘Precision’ or any Dudson Fine China white range to make a monochrome statement on the tabletop.
Manufactured in the Dudson factory in the UK, ‘Noir’ combines sophisticated design with practicality:

· From the Dudson Fine China range for maximum confidence in product quality

· A flat profile for contemporary dining

· A well detail to draw the eye in and frame food perfectly

· Combines the aesthetics of fine china with the exceptional strength of vitrified tableware

· A fully glazed smooth ‘foot’ to reduce abrasion and scratching during everyday use

Dishwasher and microwave safe!